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Ekmark & Ekmark, LLC is proud to be the Arizona Legal Zone Sponsor of HOA Pulse, the leading source of information about the community association industry. Providing legal services throughout Arizona.

General Counsel

Our firm provides legal advice to associations of all kinds, including condominiums, planned communities, cooperatives, as well as other non-profit corporations that do not fit into any of these categories. We also work with both commercial and residential associations, with a goal of helping them operate effectively and comply with their governing documents, as well as local, state and federal law. We commonly review and interpret association governing documents, draft amendments to the governing documents, assist associations in conducting proper meetings of the members and the board, obtain proper tax status for association common areas, provide guidance in how to comply with fair housing laws and housing for older persons, review and negotiate contracts on behalf of associations, and create special agreements to meet the needs of our association clients.

In addition, the firm provides the following services:

CC&R Enforcement


Construction Defects


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