We presently offer a small selection of free videos, and will be adding a larger selection of material available for a modest price, including core training for board members.  If you're an industry professional interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise, we're looking for more course authors.  Please contact us. 

Free Videos

Understanding 1120-H versus 1120 (Run time 3:20)

Reducing Tax Risk on Form 1120 (Run time 3:52)

Understanding Revenue Ruling 70-604 (Run time 4:41)

Compliance Requirements of Revenue Ruling 70-604 (Run time 3:50)

Taxes - Form 1120 Checklist (Run time 4:46)

Taxes - Form 1120-H Checklist (Run time 3:10)

Taxes - Form 1120-H versus 1120 Comparison (Run time 4:18)


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