Los Angeles, California 

2412 Clark Avenue Condominium is a two-unit condominium project located near LAX – Los Angeles International Airport in Southern California.


The project was built in 1985 and converted to a condominium project with formation of the Association in 1995. Many small projects of similar size exist in California; the result of local governmental units requiring the formation of associations as part of the permitting process in order to shift the burden of certain costs from the public sector to the private sector.


There are very few associations that can boast 100% participation by their members, but this is one of them. By default, both members of the Association serve on the Board of Directors.


Common areas consist of building structures and minimal paved surfaces and landscaped area. The Association has an annual operating budget of less than $1,500, and annual reserve contributions of approximately $2,000. The Association is self-managed.


Note from HOA Pulse staff – We have been asked if there are any specific criteria we’re looking for in selecting our Association of the Week. The answer is no, not really. As you can see from this week’s selection, this is the smallest possible size for an association. We have also featured associations that have several thousand members.

Having worked in the industry for many years and being exposed to many different types and sizes of associations, we simply have an interest in sharing the experience of discovery of new and different associations. Our goal is to provide a broad cross section of associations in type, size, and geographic location so that you, our readers, can also experience something new.



The first few associations we have profiled have been invited by us to share their association with us, because we found them to be interesting associations. We have some more great ones coming up. If you are aware of any associations that you would like to see profiled, please download the application form and have a representative of the association fill it out and provide it to us with some photos.

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