The professionals at Facilities Advisors, Inc. (FAI) have been providing reserve study services to the HOA industry since 1982.  FAI serves associations nationwide from our offices in California and Arizona.  We have experience with virtually every type of association, and offer competitive fees, and quick turnaround in reports.

We believe that one thing that really sets us apart from our peers is the manner in which we approach the reserve study process.  We have developed component templates for virtually every type of project to assist in our data capture process.  The templates act as a thorough checklist to make sure that we consider all components that would normally be encountered in a specific location, such as a pool area.  This means that we are unlikely to overlook any components, and also assures data integrity.

No matter how good the underlying site evaluation and compilation of component lists, that’s not much help if it can’t be translated into reports that are easy to understand.  We constantly receive feedback form our clients that our reports are much easier to understand than any others they have seen.

  • The secret lies in perceiving how people understand reports.  Because reserve study reports typically contain a 30-year financial projections and a large number of components, the data can be overwhelming.  We know that, so we make sure the data is presented in a manner that is easy to understand.
  • All financial exhibits limited to a single page – because that’s what the human mind can easily grasp.  We do this by presenting data at a category, rather than a component level.
  • We include totals on all reports so that a reader can see that the totals of data presented at the category level are the same as those presented at the component level.
  • We present all component level reports as supplemental exhibits, not part of the “official” reserve study report.  This means our “official” report is presented at a category level, and is relatively small.  We present all component level exhibits as Supplemental Schedules that are not part of the official report.
  • We present the component data in several formats – by category, by location, and expenditures by component, or by year.
  • We present charts to provide visual images of the data.  This helps the reader understand relationships of data much better.
  • Our reserve study comparison exhibit is unique.  It compares, on both a category and component level, our report to the prior report.  The reader can instantly identify variations form the prior report.


Contact Facilities Advisors, Inc. today for your reserve study needs.  Visit our website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 877-304-6700.

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