The reserve study module of Facilities 7 is our most requested module.  And small wonder; it is easy to use, and allows the association to take complete control of its reserve study.  Facilities 7 is based on careful design and innovative features such as multiple category levels, multilevel location capability, the introduction of the concept of major and minor components, and a powerful reporting system to tie it all together.

Facilities 7 is more than just reserve study software, it is a fully integrated facilities management system that combines the 7 related functions of facilities maintenance management into a single integrated database system.  No other software can do this.  Facilities 7 overcomes the challenges of maintaining several different software systems that don’t communicate with each other.  This results in greater efficiency, more accurate information, and a more “intelligent” system.

Percipient Software LLC developed Facilities 7 to be easy enough for a small association, and powerful enough to meet the needs of the most complex association.  This is the next generation of software that anticipates all your facilities maintenance management requirements.  It frees you of the drudgery of maintaining multiple separate systems, and builds your own knowledge base so you can make more informed decisions.


Percipient Software LLC

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