A Watchful Neighbor

38 E. Ridgewood Avenue #200, Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450
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We are a unique nationwide service that greatly benefits Homeowner Associations and their members - owners of houses, townhouses or condos - year round or seasonal.

What is A Watchful Neighbor?

A Watchful Neighbor provides a way for any helpful person who sees a problem or concern with one's property to tell the owner about it, wherever they are - even without having their contact information.  It's a personal notification/messaging service that delivers important messages 24/7, 365 days.

When any caring individual sees our customer's signage and calls us, we deliver their message to the owner (via phone call, text and email).  The message is also delivered to one or two additional backup contacts.  This is particularly important following any emergency response.  We also make it possible to contact the family of a single resident (e.g. senior family member) if they are experiencing a problem.

How much is the service, and who will pay for it?

Our service costs $50 per year.  Homeowner associations may choose to require the property owners to subscribe to our service on their own or they can facilitate their signing up and build the cost into the HOA fees.

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